Installation Details of Joint Closure

Fibre Optic Joint Closure : Krishna Enterprise with a vision to offer high quality communication solutions using state of the art has developed “FIBRE OPTIC JOINTING CLOSURE” with proven quality. KE has a range of products for nearly all segments of Optic Fibre needs. This Joint Closure is not only cost effective and also meets the all operational needs providing safe protection.


This Closure is supplied with one splice tray organizer.

Each tray can accommodate up to 12/24 fiber splice max. Supplementary tray may be used.

Size information

Description Total Length (mm) Outer Dia. (mm) Oval Port Cable Capacity Circular Port Cable Capacity
OF JT. Closure (Krishna) 520 140  2 x 10
2 x 25
5 (min.)
18 (max.)

Instructions Details :

Locking Ring, base with strength member connections and one tray assembly.
Do not use damaged sleeve nor trim Heat- shrinkable sleeve before installation.
Remove any dirt, mud or other contaminations from the cable sheath with a clean cloth.
Remove the cable sheath over a length s local approved practice.
Cut central strength member with distance of 75mm.
Crimp Shield clip on cable sheath with pair of pliers.
Select a transportation tube over fibre and loose tube.
Take care to use a appropriate kit which converts the slotted cable construction in to a loose tube construction.
Clean the port and cable with the cleaning tissue
After each splice , it should be stored in the splice holder.
Take care ad do not deform the splice protector during insertion.
On completion of splicing, install the protective cover.
Slide the Jt. Closure dome onto the base .Align properly and fit the split locking ring over the transition holding and base together.
Wrap the adhesive strip around the dome and base interconnection.
Shrink the sleeves till the edges of the sleeve have come down till the flow of red adhesive should be visible
Allow the sleeves to cool down and move the closure. Now yr .Fibre optic Closure is ready to mount for storage.


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